Striding Through With Glaring Hope

Four years ago, no one imagined what kind of person I would be, let alone even listen to me speak.

A lot has changed and now, they ought to. I had no such hope but dreams of being a graduating student.

I was raised up in a not-so-rich family that strived to have three square meals a day. This did not deter my family, most especially my mother from believing in me.

I remember there was a time we had to break our savings box to pay for my high school fee balance. Furthermore, we had to do with as little as two meals a day at home for several weeks on end. However, none of this detered me from dreaming big. I still promised my mother that I would never let her effort go to waste.

I took a step to start at the lowest level than I had imagined. I did my Diploma in Journalism at The East African School of Media Studies (EASMS) even though I was very well qualified for a degree course; the issue being, Money!

Once more, this didn’t hold me back. I cleared my Diploma, graduating with a Distinction. I felt I had achieved a lot. I was at the top of the world, waiting to be employed.

On the other side my Lecturer, Mr. Wambete, who really trusted me and was impressed by my class work told me to further my studies. He even recommended a school or two but at the back of my mind I knew it was not a barrier to enhance my studies but, the money to take me through all this. I prayed to God each time I thought of this. Applications for bursaries were never successful! More so, very frustrating.

One morning, I got a phone call bearing a strange number (+994…), at first I ignored but then I picked and realized it was my brother Nickson. He told me he had gotten a job and that he would be able to pay my school fee for my Degree Course. I couldn’t help but just thank God. He had seen me through. I promised my brother to work even harder for this dream I had longed to have.

In 2013, I joined St. Paul’s University; an Institution I love so much because of its ability to get access to a Lecturer any time you want. I applied and after a week or so, got a response of my selection.

Here we go, another journey full of new set goals. Challenges came in all the time but when you consider Prayer and Hard work (What the Romans say; Ora et Labora) as a combination; trust me, nothing goes wrong.

I am set to graduate with a First Class Honors next month on 7th October 2016 at the main Campus in Limuru!


I believe after this I will be able to get a job that fits my specter and look forward to advance it even more. It’s best to know that; “where there is will, there is a way!”. Trust in your ability and find a way to make it work. Always keep God ahead of things and ensure to keep working harder and smarter.

“Tell me your friends and I will tell who you are,” is an old adage, I have lived by, which tells the most important thing in life is; to always choose your friends carefully. I never found it hard to chop off those friends who would hold me back.

We all have a common agenda which involves; success in life. This means a lot of sacrifices have to be made and it may include loosing those you love the most.

After doing all this during this whole time; I am looking forward to living my dream and to making sure I will be a very well equipped Lecturer who will enjoy sharing knowledge to future Journalists and Communication students.

As I end this writing, I always believe in the words of Martin Luther King Junior who once said; “If you cannot fly, then run. If you cannot run, then walk. If you cannot walk, then crawl. As long as everything you are doing, you keep moving forward!” with all this I was able to go through those tough edges with courage and strength. I implore you to get up and live your dream!

Push for the dream until you feel; “If the world were to end today, you would be ready to plant a beautiful and humble growing apple tree.”

By: Kevin Charlse Mudavadi

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2 thoughts on “Striding Through With Glaring Hope

  1. nickson Khalusi says:

    You r great man, Bro, i trust in ur ability to work, keep going, work hard in each and everything u r doing, pray to God, every day of ur life, and God, is gonna give u the exact thing that u want in ur life, as for me , i wish all the best, In God’s name Amen.


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