5 Places To Eat In Nairobi For Less Than Kshs. 350

I’m a foodie by nature. I love food in all shapes and sizes- Swahili, exotic, Caribbean and, yes ice cream counts too. Most of the time though, I can’t afford it. My wallet just seems to have issues with me and until we sort that out, Ksh. 300 and less is the budget.

So for the past five Thursday afternoons with solar smiling down; my friend, Jay, and I set out to find places we could eat more than- chips that are too small and oily for Kshs. 100 bob, overpriced soda’s and kachumbari’s that seem more raw than steamed. Here we go:

  1. Rayan Restaurant

Located just between City market and I&M bank, this place is a gem. The seating space is moderately big and you can decide to take lunch on the balcony or inside. The portions are huge. Like enormously huge and for 300 bob, you can get very well prepared pilau (yes, like the true Swahili one), a side of meat, veggies and still have enough for a soda. If you’re craving for junk food or a taste of home food though, don’t worry- they got you. I should probably warn you though- you probably won’t want to eat anywhere else.

  1. Big Knife

Jay loves anything exotic. So, when he heard Big Knife was Turkish and had a student menu- he had to try it (and drag me along). It’s an easy place to find- on Monrovia street just next to Nakumatt lifestyle. The seating space is a bit small but comfy. The food though is amazing and affordable. For 350 bob, you can score a chicken or beef roll, fries and a soda. Did I mention how mouth-watering it is? Especially the beef roll?

  1. Peach Restaurant

I had never eaten at Peach before but Jay had and he couldn’t get over their chapatti’s. So curious to know how just these chapatti’s tasted, peach was our next pit stop.

It is a two story restaurant located on Moi Avenue. You can choose to eat downstairs or upstairs. To be fair though, upstairs rocks! The interior is great. Very comfy and a nice shade of red to decorate it all. The service was fast, within 5 minutes, and the staff were friendly. Jay and I ordered fish fingers, veggies, chappatti’s and soup. The fish was delicate and cooked just right. The portions were right at the middle. Not too much and not too little. This cost us 300 bob.

  1. Greenview Restaurant

In high school, this place was my go-to-place with my best friend. It had amazing fish fingers and the dips? Don’t even get me started. To revisit the good old days, Jay and I tracked it down again.

The place was a bit hot and crowded. So we decided to sit upstairs and got a table right next to the window with a cool breeze fleeting in and out. We ordered just my old favorite- fish fingers with chips. The service was a bit slow but the staff were friendly. The portions were a bit smaller this time around but nevertheless, quite filling and for only 300 bob.

  1. Café Deli

When this white decorated café, opposite Lazarus Inn just 200 meters from Ambassador Hotel opened, it had a lot of hype. It wasn’t like the typical fast food restaurant- you actually shopped for your lunch with a pretty pink basket for takeout complete with white forks. No more toothpick days! To get the gist of this hype- this was our next pit stop.

The ambiance was very upbeat and the place was very clean. Like spotless clean. You order as you go and the best part is, you can choose how much you want. If it’s beef for 100 or even 70 bob, you choose.

Jay chose peas, beef, chapatti and a side of veggies. I chose beef, chapatti, green grams and a side of veggies. This cost 280 bob each. Can you believe it? We couldn’t either.

What are your favorite joints to eat in Nairobi? Comment below and let me know 🙂


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