Road To Mt. Kenya Intro!

You know how you say you’re going to do something but you never actually do it? This has been my story with Mt. Kenya. I’ve wanted to climb Mount Kenya for the longest time (Since 2008:-p) but somehow when the time comes- exams are around the corner, low on cash or I’m simply unfit (Can’t push past 6th floor in my campus without feeling like I’ve run a marathon around the world!).

Yeah, apparently fitness is a priority when you’re climbing mountains. Why do mountains do this to people!? Anyways, to finally check this off my bucket list- I’m doing a boot camp. A boot camp of climbing other mountains, on a student budget, to become mentally prepared and physically fit for Mt. Kenya.

First Stop: Ngong Hills!! Update is in December J

Keep it locked here and if you want to come on board, email me at Let’s climb Mount Kenya!!

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