About Ess Writes

Dear Reader,

What’s the beauty of life without sharing stories? Stories of our adventures, the people who inspire us to be more and stories of people just like you and me to understand life deeper.

I am insanely curious and an adventure lover (as well as quotes one ;)). I love exploring the depth of cultures and the surreal experience each place has. Tasting new, exotic foods and revisiting the flavor that is so well cherished. Hiking hills and mountains to see the sunset or the sunrise peeking out from the side of the mountain. Talking to people at the top of their game to gain a deeper insight into their success and draw valuable lessons from them. Crafting stories of an imagined time to see things from another perspective.

I haven’t been everywhere, spoken to everyone or crafted the best fiction but it’s on my list and I want to take you there.

Let us explore new terrains in travel, gain a deeper insight into successful Africans in people and craft stories of an imagined time in short stories. Will you join me?

Ess x

Ps; Want to get in touch? Connect with me on FB, Twitter or drop me a mail at writetoess@gmail.com

There’s a thrill to living life like an adventure and I’m after it like a chest of gold.


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