Dear Young Girl

Dear Young Girl, When you were 10 years old, we filled your impressionable mind with the filth, horror and disgust it is to be you. We taught you; you were not enough and you would never be. How could you anyway? You're just a bit too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, too dark and full of pimples. We fed you with the image of the ideal girl and the ideal body airbrushed on Photoshop. Your hair is too kinky, too straight, too black, too curly to be ideal. It could never come close to the airbrushed girl. We forgot you were you.


The Sweeter Sin

Have you ever felt like you're always missing the mark no matter how hard you try when it comes to meeting God's standards? The sweeter sin is for you!


There’s something unexplainable when a 14- seater-matatu hits you from your right side as you cross. The pain doesn’t come immediate like the shock. All you remember is headlights, too bright for your eyes, and the feel of the cold gravel your face lies on. Your mind is still racing and it refuses to comprehend … Continue reading Wasabi

Beyond Tales Of Wrong And Right Doing

He watches her from a distance. It’s the third time this week and for the love of God, he doesn’t know what to do with her. She stares at him when they go out for date night then blinks away as he continues talking, is she really shy? Other times when they go to a club, she’ll stand in the middle of his monologue and take to the dance floor...